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We offers industry leading technologies and comprehensive line of products including: Fire Alarm Control Panels, Network Systems, System Integration, Peripheral Devices and Accessories. What ever your requirements are from the smallest conventional system to the largest fully integrated networked solution, we have a solution to meet your requirements. We provide solutions to home, business and enterprise-wide fire detection solutions to our customers.

Quick and reliable detection and warning from heat-actuated devices to cutting-edge flame detection, integrated with sophisticated control and annunciation systems to release suppression agents. Our offered products are certified by UL, LPCB to ISO 9001, for the design and manufacture of fire detection products. Adds total peace of mind.

Software for the addressable panels with open protocol are the most user-friendly and powerful of any panel software. Utilising the Fuzzy logic makes programming the most complicated cause and effects and phased evacuations a real pleasure to program.

Our Continuous innovation provides the basis for increasingly perfect protection for people, buildings, equipment, machines and data. For decades, we have been continuously innovating to provide ground breaking developments in the area of fire detection technology, fire protection and building security. We provide adequate solutions for protection and safety. And offer a large range of product and systems.

So whatever your requirements there is a fire solution to meet your needs.

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