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We offers, industry's best video surveillance solutions including extensive selection of TCP/IP network and analog cameras ideal for any application, including industry-leading high-definition megapixel and cost-effective standard definition fixed cameras, high-speed PTZ, DVR’s, NVR,s & Video Management Software and Advanced thermal imaging cameras for the most challenging premises.

Intelligent Video Security is not only combining hardware with software. It is the intelligent blend of unique technology tailored to the needs of an organization’s visual security requirements.

Our Enterprise level software provides remarkable performance in managing multiple security systems like real-time intelligent video content analysis, biometric access control, smart card applications, Fire Alarm System and Visitor management system for any premises.

To meet a wide range of challenges from different industries and users, from banks and office buildings to retail stores, TCP/IP network cameras and digital video recorders ensure protection against intrusion, robbery, attack, sabotage, or personal privacy. Also These cameras can be viewed by the users from anywhere in the world through Public Internet on a laptop or a 3G phone.

For upgradation of the surveillance system Video Encoders integrate easily into your existing analog CCTV system. Benefit from digital technology, without scrapping your investments in an analog system.

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